Posted by: The Dauntless Conservative | January 2, 2011

Liberals tell us not to call them socialists

Fifteen Photos from the One Nation Rally you’ll never see in Legacy Media.

– And you thought communism is dead; Hillary: Seize oil company profits

Can someone tell me how seizing oil company profits will bring the price of gasoline/diesel down?

– If you democrats believe oil companies “don’t pay their fair share in taxes” or “big corporations don’t pay taxes”, they most certainly do.

A liberal friend dismissed the idea that democrats are not socialist…ha!


June 19, 2008: This week, senior House Democrats stunningly called for the United States to nationalize American energy production.  Search for:

Senior House Democrats Call for Nationalized Oil Production Price Assails Stunning Proposals

Must I remind you liberals/democrats/progressives/statists/ of your own Congressional Caucus:

Not only that, they’ve nationalized to automakers, a number of banks, no more private school loans and proposal to confiscate private retirement funds and nationalize them.

Don’t believe me? Proposal to confiscate private retirement plans:

From Employee Benefits Security Administration:

Statists/progressives/ liberals/socialists will stand on their head and tell the rest of the world it is upside down.


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