Posted by: The Dauntless Conservative | July 23, 2011

Who really pays the most federal income taxes?

I am becoming disgusted at the worthless obamarx and his worthless administration and the worthless communist (yes, I said it and mean it!) democrat party that continue their attack on the American people who PRODUCE. The class envy the democrat party displays when they want to raise taxes on the “rich” just gets me red under the collar. Don’t they realize that the people who actually PRODUCE something are the “rich”? They have the heaviest tax burden. If you don’t believe me, then contact the IRS. They keep statistical data that dispels the myths and lies of the worthless democrat party that the “rich” don’t pay their “fair share”. They most certainly do. As of 2008, the top .1% of paid 18% of individual income tax; top 1% pays 38%; top 5% pay 59%; top 10% pay 70%; top 25% pay 86% and top 50% pay 97%. Yes siree, the democrats/liberals/pop culture media continue to lie and smear the PRODUCERS of this great America. They display the same behavior as union thugs do. As long as democrats/liberals continue their attack on people who PRODUCE, we will continue to have high unemployment. Here it is in black and white:


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