Posted by: The Dauntless Conservative | March 3, 2012

Oil companies have small profit margins

I was watching the O’Reilly Factor a couple of weeks ago or so and during the show, the talented Monica Crowley and Billy O’Reilly had a heated exchange about oil company profits. Billy O’Reilly vehemently disagreed that oil companies have small profit margins. Contrary to Billy’s assertion, he is wrong.  So is obamarx and company.  These two clowns need to understand what profit margin is. From Investopedia:

“A ratio of profitability calculated as net income divided by revenues, or net profits divided by sales. It measures how much out of every dollar of sales a company actually keeps in earnings. Profit margin is very useful when comparing companies in similar industries. A higher profit margin indicates a more profitable company that has better control over its costs compared to its competitors. Profit margin is displayed as a percentage; a 20% profit margin, for example, means the company has a net income of $0.20 for each dollar of sales.”


We do not need a sitting POTUS to attack an industry that provides valuable product to the market. This POTUS needs to be literally kicked out of office. Here is a sample of the kind of rhetoric America does not need.

Oil industry profit margin ranks fairly low.

Here is a few of the top oil companies financials below. You can find their financials at many financial websites.

For Exxon Mobile as of Dec 31 2011:


Profit Margin (ttm):          9.47%

Operating Margin (ttm):               12.48%


For Chevron Corp


Profit Margin (ttm):        11.38%

Operating Margin (ttm):               16.21%


For British Petroleum


Profit Margin (ttm):        6.84%

Operating Margin (ttm):               8.31%



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