Posted by: The Dauntless Conservative | April 3, 2012

Who really pays the most Federal income tax? Part 2

The IRS has recently released a compilation of the Individual Income Tax Rates and Shares for 2009. Not a whole lot of comment is needed because the numbers speak for themselves. Contrary to obamarx and company,  the leftist media, the so-called “rich” are still getting robbed with the highest tax burden. The hard proof is here from the IRS:

Isn’t it rather paradoxical that we have laws against discrimination based on race, creed, color, sex, gender…and yet we discriminate based on income? Nothing has divided us like the 16th Amendment. While I don’t think the 16th Amendment will be going away anytime soon, the best we can do for now is serious tax reform. If we go for a flat tax, I would approve of a 3-5% and not a dime more. First of all, while Congress does have the Constitutional power to tax, and justly so, after all Congress has an enumerated power to maintain and Army and Navy, but not all this social crap we have been carrying around since FDR. But I don’t think they have a right to take no more than what I suggested. That way, we have the lower 50% that don’t pay Federal tax, WILL be paying. We don’t need to raise taxes, just make the lower 50% pay. When you add up your Federal, State and local, sales, property taxes, the average taxpayer is paying too much.

I’ve got two words for obama; “You lie!” (quote for Rep Joe Wilson)



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