Posted by: The Dauntless Conservative | May 6, 2012

An explanation of why jobs are not being created.

I will attempt to give my analysis as to WHY the economy is not creating jobs at the rate that is should: There are four things that are holding back job growth: (1) the unexpected consequences of obamacare: with so many business asking for exemptions and business fear for the economic impact on their businesses. The Daily Caller just reported a story about how companies could drop their private health plans in lieu of obamacare. (2) The expiration of the Bush tax cuts (which I explained here: extensions will be ending in Dec 31. That will be a big blow to small businesses. Demoncrats and obamarx being what they are will never approve of a tax cut. (3) QE2 and QE3: the Fed eral Reserve is fleecing the USA. This action by the Federal Reserve has helped drive up the price of oil; investors would rather trade oil than US dollars. (4) The price of crude: until we kick this potus out of the White House and demoncrats out in the Senate out in November, we may never see a substantial drop in oil/gasoline/diesel. More could be said, but I hope you get the point. This is just a brief synopsis; I will try to expand on these four points at a later time.


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